Step 1: Information

Email to inquire. We will be glad to provide information or answer your questions regarding our program via email, phone or in person. We will attempt to give you an idea of the type of individual who may benefit from The BEE Community. 

Step 2: Application

If you determine that The BEE Community may meet your needs, fill out the APPLICATION which includes a $50 non-refundable processing fee.

Step 3: Interview

Next, both you and your prospective Artisan will take part in an initial interview with the BEE Admissions team to determine whether or not to move forward with pursuing enrollment at The BEE Community.

Step 4: Evaluation/  Volunteer Day

Upon completion of the BEE application and initial interview, your prospective Artisan will participate in at least one volunteer day at The BEE Community. This allows the BEE staff to evaluate the fit of our program for you and come to an enrollment decision.

Step 5: Enrollment

If The BEE Community is determined to be a good fit for your prospective Artisan, you will be notified of acceptance into our program and next steps for enrollment will be discussed.

Tuition and Fees: 

Application (one-time fee) $50

Enrollment (one-time fee) $150 

         * Includes artisan t-shirts for each day of program

Monthly Tuition (3 days per week) $600


We would LOVE for you to contribute your time and talents to our mission. Volunteer applications are now open!